Why Social Purpose

Our social purpose is based on the idea that business can be a force for good. Especially the bike business. But we feel it’s not enough to just make gear for riding and hope that it leads to a better world. We have been leading on these efforts because it is in our DNA, but we know we can have a powerful effect if we focus and align our efforts in a way that is unique to PEARL iZUMi.

Our Pledge

Because we believe how we live shapes how future generations ride, we pledge to use our business practices, products and advocacy to reduce consumption of oil – and embolden all of us to
ride more, do more.

Take a look at some of our actions in these three areas.

Partnership with a purpose

We have partnered with the Renewal Workshop to repair and resell PEARL iZUMi warranty returns, giving gently used products a second life instead of adding to the landfill. It is zero waste system that recovers the full value out of what has already been created as a way of serving customers, partners and our planet.

Printed catalogs are in the past

We printed our last product catalog in the fall of 2017. Sales representatives and dealers now have access to a fully-featured digital platform.

This single action saves 82 trees, 33,600 gallons of water, and 2,222 gallons of oil each year through the elimination of paper alone.

Monitoring Our Sustainability Process

We use a standardized framework called The Higg Index, which is an industry-standard sustainability index for apparel and footwear that was developed by the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

PEARL iZUMi is the first-and-only cycling apparel or footwear brand reporting on this index.

Creating Sustainable Clothing

Our ultimate goal is to outfit your adventures with sustainable clothing. New sustainable technical fabrics will be introduced for Spring 2019, made from responsibly-sourced Merino and Repreve recycled polyester.

By 2020, 30% of our product line will be made from recycled, renewable, or organic materials, and by 2022, our goal is 90%.

Built to Last a Lifetime

The most sustainable product is one that you don’t need to replace. Since 2008 we've run every fabric, zipper and trim through our materials test lab to ensure that they'll last the life of the product.

Should a zipper or seam fail, many times we can repair it in house instead of replacing it.

Small Actions Have BIG IMPACT

Effective January 2019 we will be the first bike brand to essentially “eliminate” hangtags. Critical information will be found on one tag the size of a business card, the smallest size that can still be recycled.

The new hangtags use 19,400 pounds less paper, saving 165 trees, 68,082 gallons of water and 4,503 gallons of oil annually.

A Second Life Better Than The First

Our products now ship in polybags made from 100% recycled plastic which can be recycled again.

We also reduced our overall material use by evaluating and changing how our products are folded and packaged, to use smaller bags.


PeopleforBikes coalition is a membership organization founded by bicycle industry leaders with the mission of putting more people on bikes more often.

PeopleforBikes lobbies for bicycle friendly policy on Capitol Hill, promotes bicycling to the public and distributes grants for bicycle facility projects by working with political leaders and national advocacy groups. We've supported this group since 2002.